FAQ: How to transfer a gTLD domain such as .COM to Iridis?

Applies To:

  • gTLD Domains (e.g. COM, NET, ORG)


Global Top Level Domains (gTLD) are those domains that are not based upon a country code such as 'UK', 'DE' or 'FR'. The most popular example being 'COM'.

gTLD domains can be transferred to Iridis to enable us to administer it on your behalf. When you transfer a domain to us the domain remains in your ownership, we simply manage the renewals and technical aspects. When transferring a domain to us the domain remains fully active throughout the transfer process so there is no interruption to your website or email facilities.

To transfer a COM, NET or ORG domain you need to ensure that the domain is currently 'unlocked' and obtain the EPP (transfer code / password). Typically your existing provider will give you access to unlock your domain and the EPP code via their control panel, if they do not provide access your should contact their support team. Once you have this information you should place a domain transfer order at https://portal.iridis.uk/ amd after the order has been placed you will receive a transfer authorisation email within 24 hours from the domain registrar. Follow the enclosed instructions to transfer the domain.

Whenever a COM, NET or ORG domain is transferred the registration period is extended automatically by 1 year, we will therefore charge you for 1 year of domain registration upon transfer. When the domain transfers our registrar honours the current expiry date and then extends it by 1 year so you do not lose the existing registraton period you have already paid for.

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