FAQ: How can I transfer a domain to Iridis?

To transfer a generic top level domain (e.g. COM, NET, LONDON, XYZ) domain to Iridis you need to:

  1. Contact your existing provider or use their control panel to:
    • Request the EPP code (transfer password) for your domain
    • Ensure that your email address is listed an the registrant and administrative contacts
    • Ensure your domain is unlocked
  2. Place a domain transfer order at  https://portal.iridis.uk
  3. Check the mailbox for the registrant/administrative contacts and click the domain transfer authorisation link

Upon placing a domain transfer the process typically completes within 5 working days, assuming that you or your existing provider authorise the transfer promptly. When transferring a generic top level domain (gTLD) the registry requires the domain registration to be extended by 1 year - see the 45-Day Domain Transfer rule.  

Throughout the transfer process the domain will remain active so you should not see any disruption to your existing services.

45-Day Domain Transfer Rule
If you transfer a domain to us within 45 days of renewing it with your old provider you will be charged for the domain extension of 1 year but ICANN will deduct the renewal from your old provider as it is within a 45 day grace period. The 45-Day domain transfer rule applies industry wide in this scenario, it is not specifc to Iridis. To avoid losing your previous renewal you should not transfer within 45 days of renewing your gTLD.

The 45 day rule does not apply to .UK domains.

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