HOWTO: Map local drives to your Windows Virtual Machine

Applies To:

  • Remote Desktop Connections from Windows 10/11 clients


It is possible to present drives connected to your physical windows laptop/desktop to a Windows Virtual Machine whilst connected by following the steps below:

  1. Logon to your Windows laptop/desktop
  2. Open 'Remote Desktop Connection' (mstsc.exe)
  3. Click 'Show Options'
  4. Click 'Local Resources'
  5. Click the 'More' button
  6. Tick the 'Drives' option then 'OK'
  7. Click the 'General' tab
  8. Enter your computer hostname - as detailed in the welcome email
  9. Optional - Click 'Save As' to save the connection in a convenient location
  10. Click 'Connect'

After connecting, navigate to 'Explorer' (see the yellow folder icon) then click 'This PC'. Under the 'Redirect drives and folders' heading you will see any drives that you have mapped using the steps above. 

Drives are only accessible to your virtual machine whilst you remain connected. It is not intended as a permanent file sharing mechanism but rather to be used whilst you are interactively connected.

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